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Why Gold Course?

- In HECI, we use the world’s most advanced 640-slice CT scanner, by which, the scan can be performed faster with less radiation. This CT scanner is especially effective for lung cancer screening – one of the most frequent cancers in Vietnam.

- CT Scan also measures visceral fat, which is essential for checking currently problematic lifestyle-related metabolic disorders.

- Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy performed by experienced doctors from Cho Ray Hospital will make more accurate diagnosis with less hurt and help to detect esophageal cancer and stomach cancer at early stage.

- For female customers, we recommend gynecology option and breast option for detecting gynecological and breast diseases.

- Pathology reports and Radiology reports are confirmed by Japanese doctors of International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) through remote diagnostic systems.

- By using health-checkup system with automatic judgement function from Japan, we provide substantial results and give medical advice based on that. Your health-checkup results will be saved for years to compare yearly-health-checkup result and evaluate the health condition.

- Whole body check-up will be completed within half a day so we strongly recommend for busy or elderly people. We also serve meal after health-checkup so customer can continue to work without feeling tired.

Please be noted that new menu and price will be applied for health check-up from May 2, 2019, old menu and price are effective until April 30, 2019.

Ningen Dock
Health Checkup Packages

Various packages are available to cope with examinee's needs.


Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


2.500.000 VND

Biopsy (per one sapmple) (Telemedicine Diagnosis)
2.500.000 VND



4.500.000 VND

3.000.000 VND

Biopsy (per one sapmple) (Telemedicine Diagnosis)
2.500.000 VND

Gynecology Option


Pap Smear

Transvaginal Ultrasonography (Telemedicine diagnosis)

2.500.000 VND

Breast Option


Breast Ultrasonography

Mammography (Teleradiology)

CA15-3(Tumor Marker)

2.500.000 VND


※Please be noted that prices and information in this price list are subject to change without notice. 

※The original price will not change even if some  test items in your course are cancelled.


We offer HECI special healthy Boxed lunch "Bento" (Japanese Style boxed lunch approximately 650 kilo-calories) from FUJI Restaurant to all medical examinee.  You can choose Beef or Fish at your booking.

Image of beef menu
Image of beef menu