Reservation for the Dock

Please make a reservation three weeks prior to the date, or earlier. If you have questions, please call 028-3622-2022 or the reception on the 6 floor at our facility.

  • Reservation reception time;  by telephone or in person at the reception.
  • Monday to Friday 08:00 - 15:00  *excluding public holidays
  • The health checkup is carried out from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please make sure you DO NOT miss the reservation time to come.

Before coming to the hospital

  • Check the form you received.
  • If there is any error in your name, date of birth, reservation date etc., please contact us before the examination day by phone.
  • Fill out a questionnaire using a HB pencil beforehand.

Note: If there is no answer in the questionnaire on the day of examination, the starting examination will be delays significantly. 

Notes on the day before your medical checkup

  • There are some tests, such as blood tests, that need to be performed while fasting.
  • Please do not eat after 9pm on the day before your medical checkup. (Not even gum or candy is allowed during the fast.)
  • Please abstain from alcohol consumption.

Notes on the day of your medical checkup

  • If you are a smoker, please refrain from smoking on the day of the medical checkup.
  • Those who are taking examination of the stomach using an endoscope can drink cold or hot water.

Things to bring along on the day of your medical checkup

  • Your identification, driver’s license, passport, or similar certificate
    * Please notify a staff member of this center if your current name, address or personal information differs from that of your identification document.
  • Medication you currently take or your Medicine Notebook
  • Please fill out the entry column on your testing vessels by referring to the note on a separate sheet.
  • Please fill out the medical questionnaire answer sheet beforehand.
  • Please bring along your glasses or contact lenses and contact lenses holder.
  • Sweater or cardigan, socks or the like
  • Medical checkup-wear (sweat suit) will be provided; however, since no outer garments will be provided, please bring along garments that allow body temperature adjustment.
TầngMục kiểm tra
Booking- We accept your booking at our phone 028-3622-2022, or the reception counter on the 6th floor at the facility.
Payment- In principle, you need to complete the payment 3 weeks in advance of the visit date. When confirm your payment, we will call you to confirm the reservation by phone.
- You make a payment to our bank account. We also accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash payment at the reception counter in the facility.
2 weeks Before the visit - About two weeks before the examination, we will send you the guidance of the health checkup, the medical questionnaire , and a specimen container to bring on the examination day. We would like you to look at them carefully.
Health Checkup - Taking the Health check-up:
Please be sure to bring in the answered questionnaire form and your urine/stool sample.
- A doctor will explain the result based on the examination data except for some examination items.
3 weeks after the visit - Approximately 3 weeks after the Health check-up, detailed explanation of the test results will be carried out at our hospital. Detailed test results will be sent about 3 weeks after your visit.
- Note;
* If secondary examination or treatment is necessary, we will inform you with the result report.
* It may take more than 3 weeks if you take the Platinum course or optional examinations.

Bank account information

  • Account name: BENH VIEN CHO RAY
  • Account number: 007.100.1258807
  • Bank: Vietcombank
  • Branch: Vietcombank Chi nhanh TP. Ho Chi Minh


TEL028 3622 2022